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One-day on lunch, everything alter when a woman overhears them that will be pretty sure it is actually relationships

One-day on lunch, everything alter when a woman overhears them that will be pretty sure it is actually relationships

Whenever Theo Raeken, captain of college football team, will lose a bet to 1 out-of his people friends, they are obligated to start a fake experience of Liam Dunbar, overall nerd and you will Theo’s neighbor, who always complains concerning sounds.

Theo isn’t really expecting his feelings becoming with it, yet they do, before they can operate to them, brand new poor happens – Liam learns regarding the bet.

Theo and you will Liam’s loved ones is actually tired of the ongoing bickering and arguing, and you will agree they should do something about it. That’s why they arrive with an agenda to enable them to become familiar with each other in a different way: pretend getting for each other’s boyfriends and you may time each other having 1 month. Not one of them very knows how it will work out, however they are the end results most eg a surprise?

Liam is actually an idiot which can’t continue their mouth shut and you may today their mommy is expecting a boyfriend for Xmas.

Liam brags on his new beau in order to relatives and buddies, so when the holidays approach they are compelled to give him or her more than. The issue is, he doesn’t really have that. Enter into Theo–alone at christmas time and you may struggling to say no in order to puppy-dog eyes. A mess ensues. Softer a mess.

Theo and you can Liam was basically close friends forever and you will they will have went undetected during school, far so you’re able to Liam’s displeasure. Liam, realizing this can be their sample at popularity when it is the fresh new first exact same intercourse few within the schools, convinces Theo to help you phony go out your.

Liam got not ever been scared in front of a crowd, but once again, he constantly is actually doing things he had been amazing from the.

“Better, uh… We… don’t think… anyone I have been viewing over the past week manage enjoy me putting myself up getting public auction?”

Liam does not think he requires a date or spouse but their family members frequently imagine if not.The guy will get fed up with all of the put-ups and ambushes, therefore the guy is the reason a date. It becomes him or her regarding his right back for several weeks however now it keep inquiring to meet your. Into the a panic, the guy asks his sexy the brand new neighbour – whom merely thus has been fairly i’m all over this on son Liam described – when the he’ll fake day your right after which break up inside the good couple of weeks go out. Some thing rating tricky when Liam begins to make actual attitude.

Whenever Liam’s ex girl returns to town shortly after a-year the guy panics and tells their that he is relationship somebody

Liam and you can Theo got good relationship..up to they failed to and you may separated. Liam possess didn’t tell their nearest and dearest the news though and you may it keep allowing your know the way excited they are that he is delivering Theo house or apartment with your on the weekend. He doesn’t want to see the brand new disappointment on the faces, therefore out-of frustration the guy asks Theo so you can phony it, for just their mother’s birthday..the guy does not predict Theo so you can agree so easily. Possibly along the way, it works because of the issues and you may fall-in like everywhere once more.

Between acting and you will trying to not rating stuck, Theo may also have to prevent cracking their you to laws: to not adore their best friend

It’s simply meant to takes place after. Problem is, it keeps happening, and additionally they both dislike it a whole lot below they need to.

When Liam convinces Theo to help you pretend are their date getting christmas he isn’t quite available to precisely what pursue.

Scott and Malia’s marriage is originating up. Liam means a date, especially when the guy hears one Hayden is actually bringing her the new sweetheart. What takes place when Corey learns that Theo has returned in the city and provides your so you can Liam’s household?

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