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The fresh new soile thereabouts yeeldeth corne for the high a great deal

The fresh new soile thereabouts yeeldeth corne for the high a great deal

Their towne are not too large, try based from the a great certaine queen of your own familie entitled Muachidin, to your an attractive plaine nearly ten miles regarding Sella. With no towne walles have become of a lot cleere fountaines and you can wels, and that Albuchesen new queen out of Fez caused truth be told there becoming digged. From the duration of Abusaid the past queen of your own ilie, their cozen The celebration °

But for a change, specific rumour otherwise alarme getting giuen on Moores campe, all of them betooke themselues in order to armes, and you will increasingly pursued new Portugals

whereupon because of the characters the guy questioned his cozen the new queen away from Fez to deliver him good certaine summe of money required by the fresh queen out-of Granada to possess his ransome. And therefore when the Fessan king refused to yeeld vnto, Habdilla recovered his prisoner so you’re able to libertie, and you may delivered him towardes Fez to help you damage Thetitleof Fez both the citie and the queen. But at length eg an excellent pestilence inuaded Sahids pushes, you to definitely himselfe, having a great part of his armie, throughout the *Qi8. yeere of your Hegeira, died thereof. Howbeit * So it numbe •*

Afterward Sahid, into the s’eulnyeeres t helpe off certaine wilde Arabians besieged Fez getting seuen*” yeeres together with her ; in which room all the townes, communities, and you can hamlets on entire kingdome was destroied

one the fresh society, specifically Fanzara, which had been giuen in order to certaine Arabian captaines, you to concerned help Sahid.-dos Of your own towne from Mahmora. His towne are centered vpon the newest lips of the high riuer Subu by a great certaine king of your own Muachidinfamilie, are almost halfe a distance distant regarding the sea, and you will about twelue kilometers off Sella. Brand new towns and cities neere vnto they try sandie and bare. It had been founded (they state) from mission so you can keepe this new opposition out of entring new throat off the fresh new told you riuer. Maybe not farre out of this towne standeth a mighty wood, the brand new trees whereof beare a good kinde away from insane or acornes on

the fresh bignes out-of Damascen-plums, getting sweeter in the taste then chestnuts. From which nuts certaine Arabians, hold neer vnto the spot, conuey higher a whole lot vnto the fresh new citie off Fez, and you may reape far gaine and so : howbeit in going to get so it fruits, vnles it capture an effective heede vnto themselues, he or she is inside high danger of many cruell and Mostcmeiiand deuouring lions throughout Africa, and this here quite often doe lion””” seaze vpon them. That it towne one hundred and you can twenty yeeres agoe is actually razed inside the new foresaid warre from Sahid up against the queen away from Fez, simply a few ruines thereof left, whereby it appeereth to own beene out of zero great ThePortugah bignes. About 920. yeere of Hegeira this new king away from attempting to

mouth of the nuers throat; that they accordingly made an effort to defeated of the doe. But hauing laide this new foundations, and you will reared Elaine.11′”” the new walles an excellent peak, the fresh new king out-of Fez their aunt therefore beaten them of its mission, which he slue ones in one evening almost around three thousand inside maner adopting the : into a great certaine early morning before sunrays-rise about three thousand Portugals pe, computed to bring thence all of the regulation and you will fieldpeeces vnto its new-erected fort: howbeit very rashly and you may inconsiderately, themselues becoming however, about three thousand, additionally the kings armie who has fiftie thousand footemen, and you can fower thousand horsemen. However new Portugals expected very slyly and you can closely to performe it decide to try, you to definitely till the Moores was basically ready to pursue him or her, they need to conuey all of their regulation vnto the brand new forte that was several kilometers faraway. The brand new Moores and therefore kept the newest ordinance getting seuen thousand people, had been the asleepe when the Portugals showed up : whereupon this new Portugals got so great successe, they had carried this new regulation almost a kilometer, before the enemie try aware thereof.

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